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2023-24 Teams

Student Executive Board



Electrify Wound Care, Amplify Recovery

Lily Johnson

Shay Nakahira

Sarini Saksena

Reannon Suzuki

Aileen Ferrer

Colby Watase

Mika Sonnleitner

*Awarded 1st Place*

Skin AId

Quang Loc Lam

Kasen Wong

Princess Cacpal

Elise Chong

Erin Evangelista

*Awarded 2nd Place*

"Bridging the Gap: Educating Families and Interprofessional Care Teams to Address the Geriatrician Shortage in Hawai’i

Anita Cheung

Cierra Nakamura

Holly Sinclair

*Awarded Most on Theme*

The “MagnetoBreak”: A Pragmatic Design of the PEG Tube to Reduce Rates of Dislodgement

Philip Lee

Eduardo Biala

Nikky Bali

Brian Chin

Eli Snyder

Jonathan Hu

*Awarded 3rd Place*

The Future of Cardiovascular Health: A Step Towards Bio-Wearable Ultrasound Blood Pressure Monitoring

Jonathan Carino

Brandon Hong

Hwajin Kwak

Tyrone John Sumibcay

*Awarded Best Continuity Project*

2022-23 Alumni

Student Executive Board


Machine Learning for Heart Sound Classification

Quang Loc Lam - Information Technology Management

Jonathan Hu - Medicine

Erin Evangelista - Medicine

Trash to Treasure

Elise Chong - Medicine

Kelli Kokame - Medicine

Rin Sato - Public Health

Optimum Clinic Distribution Model Using GIS

Eli Snyder - Background

Anita Cheung - Medicine

Jeffrey Hayashi - Medicine

Sustainable Medication Disposal

Lana Fukuda - Chemistry

Holly Sinclair - Biology

April Hamachi - Medicine

Emergency Room Wait Times

Zachary Sonnleitner

Mikayla Sonnleitner - Medicine

Lily Johnson - Medicine

Shay Nakahira - Medicine

Rethinking the blood pressure cuff

Hwa-Jin - Mechanical Engineering

Bradon Hong - Medicine

Jonathan Carino 

Nikky Bali - Bioengineering

2021-22 Alumni

Student Executive Board


Hnu Photonics Spnsored Project

Mentor Undetermined

Kyle Tran - Mechanical Engineering

Michael Tong - Human Development and Family Studies

Anna Fan - Biology and Psychology

Early Warning System for Care Facilities

Mentor Undetermined

Lisa Lowe - Biological Engineering

Kelly Watanabe - Medical Student

"Helping Hand" for Ultrasound Guided Procedures

Mentor Undetermined

Brionna Akedo - Civil Engineering

Clyde James Felix - Electrical Engineering

Keola Macloves - Electrical Engineering

Josh Renzo Claudio - Mechanical Engineering

Jeffery Hayashi - Medical Student

Edward Weldon - Medical Student

Easily Removable Adhesive for Medical Use

Mentor Undetermined

Jharrell Sim - Electrical Engineering

Alyssa Roberts - Medical Student

Stephanie Lum - Medical Student

Skin Protection System for Patients for Urinary Incontinence

Mentor Undetermined

Nikky Zena Bali - Biological Engineering

Shin Chang - Medical Student

Rehabilitation Exercise Monitoring Station

Mentor Undetermined

Jewel Johnston - Mechanical Engineering

Jing Ting Zheng - Molecular Cell Biology

Chinatsu Takizawa - Biochemistry

Precious Pangelinan - TBD

Machine Learning Based Image Processing to Improve Spine Surgery Measurements

Mentor: Dr. Thomas Noh, MD

Elise Chong - Medical Student

Jimmy Do - Biology

Joseph Konan - Computer Engineer

2020-21 Alumni

Student Executive Board


Akamai Alert

Darren Carlson, MD & Chris Wong, MD

Enze Ma - Medical Student

Scott Fukuhara - Civil Engineering

Eileen Chen - Medical Student

*Awarded Covid Needs*


Elise Chong - Medical Student

Joseph Konan - Electrical and Computer Engineering

Trevor Torigoe - Medical Student

Jimmy Do

*Awarded Grand Prize*

Haumana Supprt

Maveric Abella - Medical Student

Connor Goo - Medical Student

Kyung Moo Kim - Medical Student

*Awarded Most Market Ready*


Oliver Dutczak, MD

Josh Renzo Claudio

Clyde James Felix

Keolakanealohanokeakua Macloves 

*Awarded Second Place*

ML Solutions: Smart Elevator

Mohsen Paryavi - Engineering

Pratiksha Shukla - Engineering

Reza Ghorbani - Engineering


Scott Miller, PhD

Huanli Hu - Biology

Kelly Huang - Biochemsitry

Samuel Kim - Biology

Hollis Tam - Biology

Nicole Yuzan - Biology

*Awarded Most Innovative*

Lokahi: Connecting Small Businesses

Richard Ho - Medical Student

Kayti Luu - Medical Student

Vera Ong - Medical Student

Ashley Shirriff - Medical Student

Charissa Tan - Medical Student

Brandon Yee - Computer Science

*Awarded Covid Needs*


Alex Ribao - Mechanical Engineering

Cherie Guillermo - Epidemiology

*Awarded Best Poster and Video*

MASP (Moisture Absorbing Scented Packet)

Nicholas Van - Biology

Justin Yip - Mechanical Engineering

Lisa Lowe - Biological Engineering

Ernesto Arizala - Electrical Engineering

2018-19 Alumni

Student Executive Board


Maluhia Surf Helmet:

Sidney Johnson, MD

Jackson Solomon - Tech Engineering, Business

Alexanna Nathan - Biology

Adam Guzman - Biology

*Awarded Most Market Ready*

Ligature-Resistant Hand Sanitizer Dispenser :

Anthony Guerrero, MD

Kristen Pang - Biological Engineering

Maiya Smith - Medical Student

Nicole Pham - Electrical Engineering

Myolect: Myoelectric Interface "Prothosis":

Lisa Doran, Tamara Zagustin, MD

Daniel Truong - Mechanical Engineering

Kacie Shimabukuro - Mechanical Engineering

Anthony Moore

Austin Yoshino

Danny Hong
Dane Sobol

*Awarded Medical Needs*

Organ Baggers Inc: Tissue Capture Bag, The M.A.N.G.O.

Sidney Johnson, MD

Erin NaPier - Medical Student

Jarren Takaki - Medical Student, Mechanical Engineering

Rex Imanaka - Bioengineering 

Sylvia Koo - Medical Student

Makani: Non-Occluding Surgical Suction Device

Sidney Johnson, MD

Jessica Klemm - GEPN-Nursing

Kim Yen Nguyen - Biology

Kelly Huang -  Biochemistry

*Awarded Most Practical*

CPCS, LLC: Contactless Physiological Communication System for Infants:

Victor Lubecke, PhD

Shekh MD Mahmudul Islam - Electrical Engineering

Anthony Lim - Medical Student

Ken Kajihiro

*Awarded Best Innovation*


Jana Wieland - Medical Student

Bryce Chang - Medical Student

Daniel Vanta - Engineering

Jonathan Yi - Business

*Awarded Grand Prize*


2017-18 Alumni

Student Executive Board


Devin Puapong, MD

Grant Takara - Mechanical Engineer
Cody Hongo - Mechanical Engineer
K Kawano - Mechanical Engineer
Kelli Kaneta - Medical Student
Carlthan Ling - Medical Student

*Awarded Most Market Ready*


Andras Bratiscak, MD

Isaac Lum - Electrical Engineer


Benjamin Fogelgren, Ph.D.

Elise Chong - Biological Engineer
Mari Ogino - Biological Engineer
Bryce Tanaka - Medical Student

*Awarded Elderly Award*

GoodEgg Genix:

Aaron Ohta, Ph.D.

Kainalu Mathews - Electrical Engineer
M Arifur Rahman - Electrical Engineer

*Awarded Engineering Award*

iSkin Check

Stella Matsuda, MD

Quinton Muronaga - Chemistry


Dana Ing, APRN

Sophia Jimenez - Medical Student
Daniel Vanta - Engineer
Jana Wieland - Medical Student

*Awarded Youth Award*

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